"Do you want the 300 credits or not?"


Cortez is a human male roughly 115 years old. He is unusually short (4’11) but is not a dwarf. He has graying black hair and humorless dark eyes. His features are (Asian) and he sports a small mustache. He is a man of few words.

Cortez always appears in a military-grade skeinsuit.

It is assumed that “Cortez” is a code name – and if it is, then no one knows what his real name is. It is accepted as common knowledge that Cortez has military experience during the war with Spacefleet.

Cortez serves as a dispatcher for AlphaCorps. It is his role to contact Mission Specialists when missions become available. Once accepted, he will brief the Specialists. provide any mission-specific gear necessary, and arrange for transportation. He also serves as the paymaster when the missions are complete.

As a dispatcher, he serves as the sole point of contact for Mission Specialists to the AlphaCorps hierarchy.



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