Character Generation

All initial characters will be randomly generated prior to the start of the campaign.
Subsequent characters will be given the choice as to their race, handedness, and skills


The 4 attribute pairs will determined per the Alpha Dawn rulebook with 4 percentile rolls, the results of which will be determined by the chart

  • Strength / Stamina
  • Dexterity / Reaction Speed
  • Intuition / Logic
  • Personality / Leadership

Race Determination

Attributes will be adjusted by racial modifiers. A character’s race will be determined by a d4 roll

  1. Human
  2. Vrusk
  3. Dralasite
  4. Yazirian

In the case of humans, the +5 stat bonus will be applied to Stamina as that is a prime consideration that AlphaCorps uses when recruiting Mission Experts.


Handedness for non-Vrusk players will be determined by a d10 roll.

  • Left-Handed 1-2
  • Right Handed 3-10

All Vrusk characters will be ambidextrous


The characters’ PSA will be determined randomly (d10)
1-4 Military
5-7 Technological
8-0 Bio-Social

The characters’ will all start with 2 skills.

The first will be determined by their PSA

Military (d8)

  1. Beam weapons
  2. Demolitions
  3. Gyrojet Weapons
  4. Martial Arts
  5. Melee Weapons
  6. Projectile Weapons
  7. Thrown Weapons
  8. reroll

Technological (D6)
1-2 Computer Skill
3-4 Robotics
5-6 Technician

Bio-Social (d6)
1-2 Environmental
3-4 Medical
5-6 Psycho-Social

The characters’ second skill will be determined by the following chart (d20)
1-10 Military
11-15 Technological
16-20 Bio-Social
Once the skill area is determined, roll on the above charts as appropriate.
In the event of a duplication, reroll

Starting Characters will be given a standard equipment pack and a military skeinsuit by their employer. They will also have 1000 credits with which to purchase any personal equipment.

Additional equipment may be borrowed/provided by the employer at the beginning of a mission.

Character Generation

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