Player Character Races

Dralasites are short, gray amoeboid creatures capable of changing their form to a limited extent by extending and retracting pseudopods. Lacking a digestive system, they consume their food by surrounding and absorbing it. A network of nerves and veins intersects at a Dralasite’s two eye spots. They cannot see colors, but have a well-developed sense of smell. They have a sense of humor that the other races often find strange or quirky, and a love of bad puns.

Humans are a race of beings virtually identical to Earthly humans. The most notable difference between these and earth humans are that the humans of the Frontier have a 200-year lifespan (possibly due to the advanced technology of the setting).

Vrusk are an insectoid race with eight walking legs and two five-clawed manipulating arms. Their ant-like heads included two antennae and two mandibles. They are omnivorous. They are noted for their logical minds and their society is structured as commercial ventures. Many Vrusk give their company name before their given name.

Yazirians are anthropoids similar to various terrestrial apes. They are muzzled, lightly furred, and have patagia stretching between their arms and legs which they can use to glide over short distances in low gravity (their home worlds are all low-gravity). They are descended from a nocturnal species, and prefer to wear tinted goggles to protect their eyesight during the day. They are said to be rather violent and pushy, and have a custom to choose a “life-enemy”, which could be anything; a company, person, or a concept.

Other Races

Humma are a space-faring sentient marsupial species which inhabits the worlds of the Rim Sector. The body of a Humma is pear-shaped with a short, blunt head, no visible neck, narrow shoulders, unusually short arms, a stocky trunk, and wide hips with powerful legs. The face has a muzzle, with both feline and canine features. The body is covered with matted fur, usually dull brown. The hands are hairless. The feet are long and tough.

Ifshnits are short, hairy humanoids. They are bipedal, symmetrical mammals that look like tiny Humans in hair coats. All Ifshnits have bald pates, moustaches, and long, silky hair over the rest of their bodies. This body hair can be any color but is seldom different shades on the same body

The Osakar are one of the major races of the Rim. Osakar are very tall, long-limbed creatures. Four legs grow symmetrically from the lower portion of their barrel-shaped bodies and constitute 65% of their height. Each leg has two opposing knees and can fold up to lower the Osakar to a height of a little under 2 meters.

The Sathar are a race of mysterious, worm-like beings who are the enemies of the UPF. They have worm-like bodies of 3 to 4 meters in length with two tentacular arms that end in fine tentacles for manipulation and two tentacles that end in paddles that can be used for heavy lifting (including acting as “legs”, lifting the front of the creature off the ground in a humanoid-like stance). Their eyes have two pupils each, giving them good peripheral vision. The races of the Frontier know little about them other than their basic anatomy and the fact that they are hostile, as no live Sathar has ever been captured.


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