Star Law

Star Law operates as an interstellar police force that concentrates on finding Sathar agents but also fights space pirates and other interstellar criminals. They have large areas of authority because they track Sathar agents from planet to planet and fight them on their own terms.

Star Law Headquarters is located in the city of Port Loren on the planet Gran Quivera in the Prenglar system. There is a major Star Law base on Morgaine’s World in the same system. Star Law personnel have the authority to call the UPF’s attention to major transgressions by city or planetary governments, though they try to avoid matters arising from local politics. They can get military assistance from Spacefleet or other authorities if deemed necessary by the UPF Security Council. An individual Star Law agent’s firepower is impressive since he must often uphold the law when working with few allies. An average Star Law mission includes 2-6 members.

Star Law has offices on every civilized world of any size in the Frontier. These facilities range from large building complexes to one-man offices depending upon that world’s needs.

Star Law itself does not own a great fleet of ships or an army of combat vehicles. Each base would probably have an array of fast, light armed vehicles for planetary and interplanetary transportation such as flit-boards, rocket bikes, skimmers, etc.

Star Law

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