Ul Mor

Ul Mor resemble octopi adapted to life on land. Like octopi, Ul-Mor have eight large limbs. Each limb ends in five small tentacles useful for grasping and manipulation. They walk on the four largest limbs, using the other four to hold weapons and tools. The Ul-Mor also have a ninth limb, a tentacle about 30 centimeters long, used for communication

Ul Mor have keen eyesight. They also have an excellent sense of touch. An Ul Mor’s suction cups are equipped with chemorecteptors so that the it can taste what it is touching, so the sense of taste is also excellent. The Ul Mor’s senses of hearing and smell, however, are substantially less sensitive than those of Humans.

The Ul Mor’s 30 cm-long ninth tentacle is an extension of their spinal cord. The end contains a hard cartilage point encasing a series of nerve endings. The Ul-Mor can insert the tip of this tentacle into the fatty tissue surrounding the spinal cord of other creatures, achieving a nerve link which allows them to communicate directly with the creature’s mind. The UI-Mor use this tentacle so effectively they can achieve a direct mind-link with any being. They do not have a complex spoken language, since they communicate with each other using mind-link.

The Ul-Mor are pastoral nomads inhabiting the deserts and rocky barrens of Volturnus. While tending their flocks, the Ul-Mor ride a four-meter tall bipedal dinosaur called a loper. They control these animals using mind-link, and, as a consequence, very close ties develop between rider and beast.

Much of the Ul-Mor culture is based on their religion. They believe in the “One Who is Many”, a deity that encompasses all things. Though there are many different forms of the One, the Ul-Mor believe that all objects, no matter how strange, are part of the One.

Ul Mor

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