The AlphaCorps Campaign setting is designed to run quick 2-3 session adventures in-between the primary game campaigns while the various Game Masters get their material organized. It is designed to provide a brief interlude to allow the players to ‘reset’ their mindsets in-between long running campaign settings.

AlphaCorps takes place near the center of a spiral galaxy.

The basic game setting is in an area known as The Frontier Sector where four sentient races (Dralasite, Human, Vrusk, and Yazirian) have met and formed the United Planetary Federation (UPF).

Following the completion of the Second Sathar War, the four races of the UPF have once again turned their attentions to exploring the unknown sections of Federation space.

Led in this endeavor by the MegaCorporations, the race to explore (and exploit) undiscovered planets and resources is on.

Your story begins as a newly recruited member of AlphaCorps – a corporation designed to provide Mission Experts (‘mercenary’ is such an ugly term!) to other corporations on exploratory missions.


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