Octopi... in the desert??!??!

Following the crash on the planet’s surface, the party members gathered up their meager belongings and set out for a trek across the desert.

They did find a well – only to discover that the water was tainted with arsenic. They collected all that they could regardless figuring that even tainted water is better than no water at all.

The group suffered through attacks by a funnel worm and sand sharks prior to being caught in a freak sandstorm.

The group also discovered a dead Loper with her two newborn offspring – obviously the mother died in childbirth. The young attach themselves to Ket’noc Vex.

A day after finding the Lopers, the team ran out of water – with nothing but desert in every direction as far as the horizon. They were contemplating the best manner in which to die when a group of octopi mounted on Lopers found them.

Caesar was able to use the poly-vox to communicate with the aliens (Ul Mor).

The Ul Mor offered to provide food and water for the team, but only if they agreed to face the test to join their tribe. The team agreed and was led through the desert by the Ul Mor to an oasis.

At the oasis, the team meet two other AlphaCorps employees that crashed in a different pod from the ship – Owar Diliv Mypntz and Heidi

A Simple Mapping/Survey Mission
What's the worst that could happen?

The heroes of our story ( AlphaCorps Mission Specialists) were called together by Cortez for their very first mission briefing! A simple mapping and survey mission to an unexplored planet in the Rim territories. And, as a bonus, the client is the government of Truane’s Star instead of a sleazy MegaCorporation. The Payday? A solid 250cr each!

Unfortunately for our heroes, upon entering the system, their transport was hijacked by an unknown band of Space Pirates. Even worse, the pirates had the audacity to destroy the weapons locker with all of our heroes’ weaponry still inside!!

After a series of skirmishes throughout the ship, the agents managed to get to a lifepod just a few steps ahead of a group of pirates. They managed to escape the ship, but before jettisoning, the pod suffered damage from the pirates’ automatic weapon-fire causing a fatal flaw in the lifepod.

The pod crashed in the middle of a harsh desert. Fortunately, no one sustained any damage in the crash. The characters were able to scavenge 8 survival packs before the pod blew up.

Now they are faced with the daunting prospect of survival across a harsh landscape hoping to find some means of rescue.

Participants: Caesar, Ket’noc Vex, Vratix Zraii, Zsana Kohr, Otah


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